(Requirement/ Eligibility, Brief Role Description, Minimum age, Personal Attributes, Duration of course,Approximate duration of learning process,Mode of Study,Mode of Examination,Language of Study and Examination,Basic Price,Payment terms, Exemption in study hours)

Level 1 Yoga Volunteer

  • Name of the Certification: Yoga Volunteer
  • Requirement / Eligibility: For open candidates there is no eligibility criteria, eligibility is confirmed by the institute after personal interview.
  • Brief Role Description: For promotion of well-being of oneself and society at large; assist in conducting group classes for Yoga Volunteer, Yoga classes in the park, Yoga related IDY programs. Can conduct Yoga Break protocol in work places.
  • Minimum age: No age limit.
  • Duration of course: Equivalent to not less the 50 hours. Theory: 20 hours, Practical: 30 hours
  • **Approximate duration of learning process: 
  • 9 weeks for candidates who want to join the course from starting (if 3 hours daily, 2 times a week, Total (Theory & Practical): 54 Hours)
  • For candidates considered under “Exemption in study hours” – Depends upon exemption in study hours, please see below
  • Mode of Study: Online and Offline (Theory and practical learning are conducted in mixed form, both online and offline)
  • Mode of Examination: No examination, certification is done on training only. 
  • Language of Study and Examination: English, Ukrainian and Russian
  • *Basic Price: 200.0 USD (Cost includes: Admission & enrollment fee, study material, theory and practical study, certificate of completion of course and marks sheet, enrollment with yoga certification board, examination fee and issue of certificate)
  • Payment terms: 2 X 100.0 USD (2 instalments of 100.0 USD)
  • Payment is done in Ukrainian National Currency UAH as per exchange rate of National Bank of Ukraine. For foreign national in USD. For foreign national in USD.
  • *Exemption in study hours is meant for candidates who have theoretical and practical experiences of yoga. For example, you are good practitioner of yoga and have theoretical knowledge and experiences of yoga irrespective of where you have learnt yoga from Guru or yourself or any school of yoga but you do not have reorganization as a Yoga Professional
  • *Exemptions in study hours is considered as per student’s skills, knowledge and experiences of yoga (practical and theory).
  • **Exempted study hours reduce the duration and cost of courses.
  • The decision on the same is taken by the teachers and instructors.
  • • In case of reduction in price payment in instalments is not permitted.

Study Plan –

Unit 1. Theory

  • Meaning, History and Development of Yoga.
  • Schools of Yoga.
  • The fundamentals of Yoga.
  • Yogic Practices for Health and Wellness.
  • General guidelines for Yogic Practice.
  • Yogic principles of Food.

Unit 2. Practical

  • Cleansing Practice (Technique, Contraindications and Benefits):
  • • Neti • Trataka • Kapalabhati
  • Chalana Kriya / Loosening Practice (Technique, Contraindications and Benefits):
  • Neck Movement (Griva Shakti Vikasaka I, II, III, IV) • Shoulder Movement • Bhuja Valli Shakti Vikasaka • Purna Bhuja Shakti Vikasaka • Trunk Movement (Kati Shakti Vikasaka I, II, III, IV, V) • Knee Movement (Janu Shakti Vikasaka)
  • Yogasana (Technique, Contraindications and Benefits):
  • Standing Posture- Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Padahastasana, Trikonasana. • Sitting Posture- Bhadrasana, Vajrasana, Ardha- Ushtrasana, Ushtrasana, Shashankasana, Mandukasana,UttanaMandukasana,Vakrasana. • Prone Posture- Makarasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana. • Supine Posture- Uttanapadasana, Ardhahalasana, Setubandhasana,Markatasana, Pawanamuktasana, Shavasana.
  • Pranayama (Technique, Contraindications and Benefits):
  • Anulmoa Viloma / Nadi Shodhana • Ujjaye (without Kumbhaka) • Shitali (without Kumbhaka) • Bhramari (without Kumbhaka)
  • Dhyana (Technique and Benefits): 
  • Body Awareness • Breath Awareness • Yoga Nidra
  • Classes related to life management and preventive health

Admission Procedure

  • Application for admission
  • Prescribed application form is filled and submitted to the Institute.
  • Application is filled in any of these language English, Ukrainian or Russian.
  • Application can be filled online at following link https://uaay.classe365.com/form/view/application-for-admissian
  • Along with the completed application form scanned copy of following documents are attached:
  • 1.Passport size photo
  • 2. Documents related to study and experience in Yoga practice, Recommendation letter (if available).
  • Institute guarantees that personal information’s of the applicant’s will not be used for public use or misused, information’s will be used only to carry on educational process and issue of certificate. All confidentiality is maintained.
  • Enrollment and Issue of Identification Card
  • After receiving the completed application form
  • Online or in person interview with the candidate is arranged.
  • The purpose of interview is to access your ability, talent and in-depth knowledge of Yoga. The interview is taken by management of the Institute and teachers/instructors.
  • If required and considered the decision is taken for “Exemption in study hours”
  • On basis of this decision duration of the course and cost of the course can be reduced.
  • The candidate in informed by e-mail about positive or negative decision of the Institute to enroll the candidate as student.
  • (The Institutes decision is full and final and cannot be challenged in any legal way, Institute can explain or not explain the reason of decision and has right to change the decision)
  • In case of positive decision of the Institute.
  • Contract between Institute and candidate is signed. (Contract can be downloaded at following link www.xxxxxx.vvvv, Contract can be signed in hard copy or scanned documents.
  • The candidate pays the fee as per the contract.
  • Identity card (soft copy printable version) is issued and the candidate is enrolled as student.
  • Time table and process of learning and study
  • The student has his own cabinet in Institutes website, were the Time table for theory and practical classes, library, study material, important dates, attendance sheet, marks sheet, announcements, notification etc. is accessible.
  • Similar cabinet is for teachers and instructor’s is also available.
  • Issue of Certificate of completion of course
  • After complementation of course a soft copy (printable version) of “Completion of Course” along with marks sheet is awarded.
  • All these processes are digitally automated and synchronized by Learning System Management.

Yoga Certification Board Examination

  • Assessment procedure for certification of Yoga Professionals. 
  • Assessment and skill test of Yoga professionals is based on the syllabus approved by Yoga Certification Board for various certifications.
  • Assessment of Yoga professionals appearing for certification under Yoga Volunteer is based on Training only. No examination.

Scholarship program

  • There are scholarship programs for students. The scholarship is decided as per merit, need and recommendations. Please contact for details.


  • We invite Yoga instructors/teachers, yoga schools, yoga centers, yoga federations, sports centers, fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, hotels, spa center’s etc. for co-operations.
  • For detailed information, please contact us.

Complains /Communication / enquiry process:

  • Candidate can communicate with the institute for all types of queries related to certification, examination, admit card, result declaration, certificate etc.
  • If the candidate is not satisfied with the reply of the institution or is unable to get required information, he/she may contact YCB enclosing details of communication with the institutions.

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