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Yoga Instructor, www.guru1.org

Doctorate in Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences. Ph.D. Human consciousness and yogic science. Certified yoga teacher and instructor Indian Cultural Center (ICCR), Embassy of India, Cairo, Egypt. Certified yoga teacher and evaluator. Yoga Certification Board, AYUSH Ministry, Government of India.


Mukesh Kumar Rai

(Sanyasi Mantra Caitanya)

One of the top masters of yoga recognized by the Government of India (State Exam 2019). In yoga from 8 years. He lived in the ashram (Bihar Yoga School) for 18 years, from 8 to 26. He started teaching at the age of 14.

Areas: Ashtanga Yoga, Patanjali Yoga, Raja Yoga, Satyananda Yoga, Preksha Meditation, Pranayama Meditation, etc. Large scale programs throughout India, long yoga programs in 52 Indian prisons, police departments, yoga for women, TV programs, programs for the Indian diaspora in the Philippines and Hong Kong. Corporate programs in India.

Certificates: Certificate of training for yoga teachers from the Bihar Yoga School 1992. Diploma for the training of yoga teachers from the Bihar Yoga School 1995. Certified course from Bihar Yoga Bharati (First World Yoga University). Preksha Dhyana Yoga 2001. Certificate of the Yoga Certification Council, Government of India 2019 (highest state level). (Among the 1,300 yoga masters who took part in the exam across India, only 20 passed).

Yoga Instructor, International Ayurveda and Yoga Institute
Consultant International Ayurveda and Yoga Institute, www.guru1.org

Professor (Doctor) Ganesh Datt Sharma 

 Certified Yoga Expert and Teacher / Instructor. Formerly Head of Yoga Research, HP University. Head of the Department of Yoga Sciences. Registrar and Dean (Academy), Patanjali University, Haridwar, India. Head of the School of Yoga and Naturopathy, Chairman, Department of Spiritual Research and Senior Counselor, Shkolini University, Yoga teacher as a diplomat at JNICC, Embassy of India, Jakarta, Indonesia. The President of India conferred the title of Yogachari.

Doctor Galina Okhman

Registered Therapist. Certified Yoga Teacher & Instructor ,Specialist of Ayurvedic medicine Member of the Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda and Yoga. More than 15 years of experience.

Yoga Instructor, International Ayurveda and Yoga Institute
Yoga Instructor and teacher, Innternational Ayurveda and Yoga Institute. www.guru1.org

Doctor Vladislav Okhman

Registered Therapist.Doctor Homeopathy, Yoga instructor, Ayurvedic medicine specialist.More than 12 years of experience.