Recognized & Certified

Ayurveda Courses

Different level courses, designed for

students with medical, para-medical

and non-medical backgrounds.

Your path to become a

Certified Ayurveda Professional

International standard, recognition & certification

at the government level.

Recognized & Certified

Yoga Courses

Different level courses designed for

professional and nonprofessional yoga practitioners.

Your path to become a

Certified Yoga Professional

International standard, recognition & certification by

“Yoga Certification Board”,

Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda & Yoga),

Government of India.

Wellness centre

Medical Centre for prophylactic and treatment of

different diseases with the knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Currently, the International Ayurveda and Yoga Institute

is the only organization accredited by the Yoga Certification Board,

the AYUSH Ministry (Ayurveda and Yoga), Government of India,

in Ukraine and all CIS countries and one of the few in EU.

IAYI (International Ayurveda  & Yoga Institute) decides

to open a subsidiary in Poland.

Because of War, for now we are not functioning in Ukraine.

Waiting for Victory ! 

Please note that our services and courses are

not available for russian citizens! 


In association and collaboration with
Ukrainian Association Ayurveda – Yoga
Yoga Certification Board,
Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda and Yoga),
Government of India.

Free, Online  Yoga Classes Ukrainian Citizens

Video presentation yoga courses

Video presentation ayurveda courses

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Standard Operating Procedure   (Details of Ayurveda Courses)

Standard Operating Procedure   (Details of Wellness Centre)