Yoga Therapy for OA Problems: Joint Injuries and Seasonal Recommendations

Friends, we invite you to a New Year’s master class on the topic of working with the musculoskeletal system (OA) of a person using yoga and yoga therapy methods! This is the first lesson from the upcoming series of thematic lectures and seminars.

The program is conducted by Alexey Skubko and Konstantin Yaryomenko with the support of the Ukrainian Institute of Yoga. Both teachers are active members of the association and are members of the scientific advisory board of the institute and the association, along with doctors of medical sciences, specialists in Ayurveda and rehabilitation.

The purpose of such seminars is to give a clearer understanding of the physiological and energy processes in the human body, to teach the necessary basics, and also to expand the range of techniques in the practitioner’s personal arsenal.

Since the topic is voluminous and there is a lot of material, we decided to conduct two modules as part of this topic. Each module includes both theoretical and practical blocks. In addition to a notebook with a pen, we recommend taking a convenient form for exercises. The level of training of the participants does not matter.

The master class can be useful: sympathizing and practicing yoga, teachers of yoga and massage techniques, people interested in alternative medicine and those who just want to figure out how to use their body and live happier.

Module 1 program, December 29

  • introduction: problems associated with upright posture, spinal structure and
    relationship with spinal deformity;
  • a practical block of elements of articular gymnastics Sukshma and Sthul-Vyayama;
  • Yoga practice in the post-traumatic recovery period and the use of Ayurvedic techniques in the practice of Yoga Therapy;
  • the influence of seasonal and weather conditions and lunar cycles on the restoration of ODE;
  • types and forms of healing movements in the restoration of ODE.

About Leading:

Alexey Skubko – Ayurveda Yoga teacher, head of the Kiev Ayurveda Yoga studio on Vinogradar (since 2003). He graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies and the History of the Ancient World at the University. T.G. Shevchenko. One of the founders of the Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda Yoga and the Ukrainian Institute of Yoga. He has been teaching yoga since 2000.

Konstantin Yaremenko is a teacher of traditional Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Graduate of the Chevening Fellowship 2017-18. Graduated from the University of Edinburgh (Physical Activity for Health, 2018). He studied at the British School of Yoga in the courses “Yoga Teacher”, “Yoga Therapy” (2013). Prizewinner of Yoga Sports in the UK (London, 2018). Practicing yoga since 2000, teaches 16 years.

When: 12: 00-14: 00, December 29 (1st module)

Where: YOGA HUB Studio
Kiev, st. Kostelnaya, 9, apt. 44, 3rd floor (entering the arch, right and left)

Cost: 200 UAH.

Registration for the master class and payment:

PS: the 2nd module will be in January 2020! Follow our announcements, find us on social networks and subscribe to the newsletter (see links below). – website of Konstantin Yaryomenko – Alexey Skubko website